Mid Valley Concrete purchases 38M five section Z-Fold pump

Mid Valley Concrete Pumping purchases the first true 38M five section Z-Fold manufactured by Alliance Concrete Pumps.

This pump has a 38 meter reach and is special because it is one of the first Z-booms of this length with five sections in a true Z formation; whereas most have the last section roll down versus up to complete the Z. The benefits of this truck is that it can be parked closer to a structure while being able to unfold, resulting in the ability to reach further inside of a building.

Customers will appreciate this machine as it reaches further into a building, resulting in less work for the crew, and a faster pour; stated Neil Clugston of Mid Valley Concrete Pumping.

Additionally, this pump can unfold in a space with a lower ceiling height, making this Z-Fold pump more robust for difficult customer applications. The Company continues to invest in equipment to provide flexible solutions and additional capabilities to solve problems for customers in the construction industry. This truck will be based in Williston and travel approximately two hours in any direction, to cities such as Epping, Wheelock, Ray Tioga, Ross, Stanley, Palermo, Powers Lake, Keene, New Town, Parshall, Cartwright, Rawson, Grenora, Crosby, and Fortuna.