New Shop Opened in Watford City, ND.

Mid Valley Concrete Pumping opens new shop in Watford City, ND.

The company has located a concrete pump truck in Watford City since 2013, but has stored it outside. With this new shop, the Company will locate additional pumps in Watford City, and will have full service available for this equipment, which had previously been performed in the Williston, ND location.Read More…

Mid Valley Concrete Pumping adds a TB-130 Telebelt

The TB-130 Telebelt conveyor belt system will allow the Company to convey dry aggregate from sand to 4” rock, as well as concrete with the same truck.

Additionally, a Telebelt is capable of conveying very thick concrete with a very low slump from 0 to 12 inches, which is very challenging with a typical pump.  This Telebelt is ideal for larger commercial applications, and DOT compliant mix specifications for bridges, and other structures.Read More…

Mid Valley Concrete purchases 38M five section Z-Fold pump

Mid Valley Concrete Pumping purchases the first true 38M five section Z-Fold manufactured by Alliance Concrete Pumps.

This pump has a 38 meter reach and is special because it is one of the first Z-booms of this length with five sections in a true Z formation; whereas most have the last section roll down versus up to complete the Z. The benefits of this truck is that it can be parked closer to a structure while being able to unfold, resulting in the ability to reach further inside of a building.Read More…